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Last updated: 03-15-2020

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Be effective in the new social media opportunities - SEO Blog

“Use social media marketing to build not break your brand. Too aggressive action or overall negative environment can lead to less than expected results“

Social media has received a lot of attention in the recent past. It has been fast-growing and has some very famous names such as facebook and twitter.

Social media marketing sites can influence the way visitors think and act. Knowing these companies are trying to participate in online discussions to influence the way social media users think about the company and its products. This process is called Social media marketing. Social media marketing sites can also be used to generate traffic to the company site. Social media marketing programs create quality content related to the products the company sells which attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their peers and social networks. Because these messages are spread by the social media users it appears to come from a trusted source. A corporate message coming from a company or brand spread in other ways often has a stigma attached to it which potential customers do not like. They assume that it is biased and not fully telling the truth. The message is spread almost like in a word of mouth method and has to be earned. Companies have to be careful how they do this influencing as a too-aggressive approach will mean that the above-mentioned aversion will prevail and have a very detrimental negative effect. Anyone with internet access has the ability to use social media and it is now very widespread and available on many platforms including mobile platforms. Direct communication with customers often has other benefits because it also fosters brand awareness and, improved customer service. Additionally, social media marketing is also a relatively inexpensive platform for businesses to implement marketing campaigns. The function of social media sites is to foster interaction between people. When companies join the people continue to interact but now also talk about the companies’ products in the same frank manner they are used to. This gives a customer interaction which is hard to come by in other contexts. Customers have the ability to retweet or repost the companies message to all the connections in the user’s network. This way the message will soon spread and reach many more potential customers.

It is also possible for companies to have personal conversations with other social media members. This will install a feeling that the company really cares and create loyalty within the customer’s mindset. By selecting who to talk to a company can also reach a very narrow target group of potential customers who might be the influencers for others. Thi8s can be a very effective way of getting influence over large numbers of people with minimal effort. Social media marketing can also be about detecting buying signals as the content is shared freely between people and trends can be detected. There are even some sophisticated software programs out there which can automate this process called semantic analysis technologies. Understanding of buying signals can help salespeople target relevant prospects and marketers run target their campaigns. Although Social media can support attracting new customers to a website SEO-optimizers believes it is important to first get the website in order (technical build, keywords, structure, etc) because the effect of social media activity will be much larger.

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