What is it that Drives Business? | Website Designs Content Marketing

Last updated: 03-11-2020

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What is it that Drives Business? | Website Designs Content Marketing

Business is the economic engine that drives progress and innovation forward, provides for material and creature comforts and not only makes civilization possible but also helps it constantly evolve. This is all well and good, you no doubt understand how important business is, but a better question is perhaps, what is it that drives business?

You might point to the products and services businesses provide as the power that moves the business world forward, and in some way you would be right. Innovation and continual quality improvement in products and services are powerful market forces that do shape the world’s economies. Without this drive and creativity, business as know it would be dilapidated. The question however remains unanswered, if products and services aren’t the full motive force that drives business, what is?

You might than point to sales as the main driving force behind business, and once again in very many ways you would be right. Sales are important to each and every business out there, no matter how large or small. Without sales, there would be no business, since all those innovative products and services would remain unpurchased. However once again, if you think about it, the original question is still unanswered, what is it that drives business?

Let’s look at one of the most important aspect of business and that is the skilled sales professional who moves the innovative products the businesses produce and the services they provide, generate profits. Without closers in the sales arena there would be no sales, without sales there would be no profits, without profits businesses themselves would cease to exist and the world’s economy would grind to a halt.

So it now follows that if closers in the sales force are so important, what exactly are closers? That is perhaps the best question and understanding what closing entails is the first step towards building a stronger, more robust and profitable business.

Closing, at its most basic, is the art and science of convincing a potential customer to purchase a product or a service. Closer refers to those sales professionals who are able to perform this task, over and over, on a regular basis and who just seem to thrive with the challenge this task presents. The closers in the sales world are the superstars of the sales, they are envied and grudgingly admired by sales people who secretly wish they had what it takes to be considered a closer. Closers are the rock stars of sales and they are treated the same. Any and all sales forces would consider them an important asset in their sales arsenal. They are the people who get the job done when everything is on the line.

In fact a true closers work only really begins when the prospective customer says no, because up until this point anyone can take an order but only a skilled closer can close a sale of this nature.

So, the next time you consider the business world, remember the closers, or true sales professionals as one of my sales mentors used to say, without them the world would be a much poorer place.

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